Researching true crime has made me a much more bitter person. Not necessarily because of the graphic nature of some of these crimes (although that does disturb me of course, I’m not a sociopath), but because of the way people react to them.

This is Junko Furuta. You probably have heard of her. She was a Japanese schoolgirl who was brutally tortured for 44 days before being murdered by her abductors.

Beautiful, wasn’t she? Look through the comments of any post made on the Internet about her, and you’ll see nothing but shocked and horrified reactions. Sympathy.

Now compare this to the case of someone like Alexa Negron. She was a homeless transgender woman, who was killed in broad daylight after being harassed and threatened for using the women’s restroom. When describing her, the media called her “a man in a dress.” She carried a mirror with her at all times. Because of this, people spread a false rumor that she used it to spy on women in the bathroom. In reality, she used the mirror to watch her back in case someone might attack her.

Scroll through the comments on this video and look at the replies to the top comments. Now compare this to Junko Furuta and how people reacted to her murder.

The same can be said for Brandon Teena, Gisberta Salce Júnior, Hande Kader, Evon Young, Dandara dos Santos, Alaska Contreras Ponc, Jhoana Hernandez, and countless others. These are the names of just a few transgender people who were murdered, tortured, and/or raped for their identity. I bet you don’t even recognize any of these names. I use trans people as an example because they are a group that is widely hated and discriminated against. You could substitute pretty much any marginalized group in this example and it would still be true. Black person murdered? They were a dangerous criminal. Gay person murdered? They were trying to seduce a straight person. Etc, etc.

We express disgust at the behaviors of wild animals, and even use “animal” as a pejorative for people that we hate. But humans are by the far most heartless, self-centered, and most of all, stupid, creature to ever exist on this Earth.

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